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Sponsored Events/Accomplishments


● During UMES 2020 Homecoming, SEVA donated to the NAA Tailgate for alumni and students.  SEVA provided volunteers at the NAA Homecoming Alumni table. 


●  SEVA had a successful virtual scholarship fundraiser in October/November 2020, which was supported by the NAA and other chapters.  We had 119 supporters and we reached 15 states.  Since the majority of SEVA members reside in southeastern Virginia and North Carolina, a virtual fundraiser is our niche.   This scholarship fundraiser venue with Doublegood Popcorn will be one of SEVA's major annual scholarship fundraiser.  The 2021 Doublegood Popcorn Scholarship Fundraiser will begin on November 4, 2021, and end on November 8, 2021.


●  SEVA Scholarship was given to a qualified student from SEVA’s Endowment


●  SEVA Bylaws were reviewed and revised in April 2021.


Community Involvement

During this time, we had no community involvement due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Goals For Upcoming Year

●  One of SEVA’s major goals is to increase membership in the SEVA Chapter.  Before the pandemic, SEVA was planning a membership-networking event with alumni and new members at Top Golf in Virginia Beach and  Roger Brown’s Restaurant in Portsmouth VA.  Other goals include:


Revise SEVA Scholarship program for 2021-2022


●  Develop SEVA website to increase awareness of UMES and SEVA, to increase

    membership, to expedite the dissemination of  student scholarship packages, publicize

    fundraiser events, etc.

·  Begin involvement with the community, local schools, and other organizations

    (dependent on Coronavirus pandemic) 

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